8 weeks

Art Direction
Identity Design
UI/UX Design

Cinema 4D


Sharrie Li
A hypothetical music festival project for Chinese Hip-Hop.

We made a hypothetical project for 2-days Chinese Hip-Hop Music Festival. I was mainly responsible for the art direction of both branding and product design, I also involved and supervised the entire production process.

Deep down in the heart, SevenMilesXiang is more than just a music festival. Chinese Hip-hop has undergone earth-shaking changes in China in the past few years, Chinese hiphop, which has been uninterested for a long time, has become popular. For many rappers, once the mission was to let Chinese people to get to know Hip-Hop music, but now more is to let the whole world notice Chinese Hip-Hop music.

We aim to open up overseas markets and also use this as a "bridge" to connect people who are homesick overseas. 
I hope to truly achieve "music without borders".

Grid System︎︎︎

3x3 Grid System
The 3×3 grid system is inspired by Chess Board and Sudoku games.

These games are just like Chinese hiphop music in China and the whole world. It takes steps by steps for puzzle solving to achieve a certain goal.

The 3*3 grid system is the main foundation to support all my design concepts.

Elements in use

I used distorted letters, overlapping elements, grid lines, and contrasting colors to show rebellious music style.

I also have integrated both Chinese and English in the design of assets, the purpose was to make people from both countries feel friendly.

Page Designs︎︎︎

Print Materials︎︎︎